Community Nebelschütz
with the districts of Dürrwicknitz, Miltitz, Nebelschütz, Piskowitz, Wendischbaselitz.

inhabitans (status 31.12.2022) 215
district of the community of Nebelschütz 01.01.1974

In the midst of fertile arable land, between which individual forest and field trees spread, Miltitz lies with its rural settlement core in the valley basin of the Jauerbach.

The place mentioned for the first time in 1348 (Mylticz = place of Miłota) had to deliver the tithe to the Marienstern monastery, but it belonged to the cathedral monastery of St. Petri in Bautzen. Miltitz has been part of Nebelschütz since 1974.

The town of 240 souls is well known for the "Miłočanska žaba" (Miłočanska žaba). It is an outstanding, nature-protected chunk of pending granite, which was given its frog-like shape by the glaciers of the Elster Cold Age.

In a meadow nearby, the alant thistle (Cirsium helenioides) has one of its northernmost locations. In the gravel pit southeast of Miltitz there has been a large sand martin colony for years. Long-eared owls, kestrel, lapwing, yellow wagtail and red-backed shrike are typical bird species in the field.

The undisputed social focus is the Miltitz shopping center (Bliski nakup Miłoćicy). This is where residents of the surrounding area and most of the residents meet, who in turn are involved in the Miltitz Volunteer Fire Brigade (Wohnjowa wobora Miłoćicy) or in the Steinerner Frosch Miltitz e.V. (Miłočanska žaba z.t.) and exchange important information and news.

Sources: Hans Neumann and Werner Schmidt, "Westliche Oberlausitz between Kamenz and Königswartha", 1990; Heinz Kubasch, "Heimatbuch"

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Städtebauliche Entwicklung

Aufruf zum Flächentausch privater Eigentümer mit der Gemeinde Nebelschütz zur Bauflächenentwicklung.

Baugebiet Nebelschütz

Vom potentiellen Erschließer gibt es aktuell wirtschaftliche Abwägungen zur Fortführung des Baugebietes Nebelschütz (Teilfläche 176/6). Interessenten können unter ihren Bedarf anmelden.

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